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It’s the culinary resource that families and carers of people with dementia have been waiting for!


Combining dementia-specific guidance with more than 70 illustrated recipes, this unique e-book is a godsend for anyone preparing meals with dementia in mind.

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It will make a world of difference to your loved one or client.


A good meal is one of the enduring pleasures in life, no matter what your state of health may be. People with dementia gradually lose many of life’s pleasures, but continue to enjoy food and eating for much longer.

As a carer, both private and professional, one is often too busy with other caring duties to have much time or energy to devote to the nutritional side of things. One often ends up relying on expensive ready-made meals, or cooking from a limited repertoire.

The Memory Kitchen is your answer to the dilemma of mealtimes for dementia patients!


Much more than just a cookery book, The Memory Kitchen features comprehensive, easy to implement guidance on meal preparation and consumption for common dementia-related issues such as

    • Vision challenges,
    • Chewing and swallowing difficulties,
    • Social and psychological considerations,
    • And of course nutritional considerations.
Memory Kitchen benefits

In these pages you will find dozens of recipes, enjoyed regularly by our clients with dementia (**), featuring

    • Healthy, balanced meals that can be prepared easily at home, and designed for ease of eating with just a spoon or as finger-food,
    • And, importantly, meals that hark back to patients’ younger days, evoking happy memory associations.

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(**) As professional carers ourselves, Qualitas Vitae Care  regularly use these principles and recipes in real-life care settings.

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